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About National Power

We are a team of hand picked individuals with a common commitment and dedication to helping the environment by saving energy. We strongly share the vision of contributing to the future generations by focusing our attention to saving and preserving our resources. We continually strive to use our intuition to develop new technologies while using current technology to reach our energy saving goals.

Our History

National Power was founded in January 1995 and is currently based in the Gauteng Province, but are involved in countrywide projects. National Power was founded to pursue applications where Intelligent Distributed Control Technology plays an important role in the efficiency of Energy Management, Building Automation and Industrial Control systems.

Our capabilities include control-networking techniques, energy metering techniques, condition monitoring expertise and software development methodologies. Our strategy is to penetrate new markets and form strategic alliances with partners already entrenched in markets and industries where our capabilities can offer new opportunities. Such alliances have already been formed or are in the process of negotiations with partners in the energy management industry.

Our Passion

We promote superior engineering solutions in the field of Energy Management and commit to professionalism towards you, our most valued client.

We are continually improving performance through constant customer liaison, innovative design, integrity and quality service excellence.

By improving energy efficiency we save recourses and the environment, therefore improving the quality of life for all.

"Electrical Energy Management is our Passion"

Our Team specialize in providing power quality and energy management solutions for utilities, industry, and commercial companies. Our products and expertise are recognized internationally for quality efficiency and reliability.

Technical Expertise

Our policy is to concentrate our R&D activities on well-defined fields of expertise, which is of critical importance to ensure delivery. We have strategic alliances with selected firms to synergistically combine our resources, technology and expertise to guarantee holistic solutions.

Intelligent distributed control: the ability to design, configure and install control networks which form the communications backbone of diverse Energy monitoring and control systems. Such systems typically require reliable communication between distributed points at low cost per node, as well as intelligence at each node.

Energy management: the ability to perform energy audits at various types of installation, devise techniques to lower the cost of energy, and design, integrate and install systems that can implement effective Energy Management.

Condition monitoring: the ability to perform an audit on the type of monitoring required at an installation, to design and develop subsystems that can perform the required monitoring in the installation, and to integrate and install such systems.

Software development: the ability to manage PC based and embedded software development projects, which includes performing a logical design based on user requirements and translating this into efficient software code.

Team Experience

Name Qualification Date Experience
Dave Bekink NHD (Elec.Eng), CEM 1984 17
Sean Burton Durham Electrician 1985 16
Elizabeth Senatle N6 (Elec .Artisan) 2006 2
Ledisa Naapo ND (Elec.Eng) 2003 6
Emanuel Rasetsoke ND (Elec.Eng) 2004 5
Clyde Lion-Cachet Electrician 1990 8
Marize Bekink Admin 1995 9
Dave Frew Procurement Manager 1994 4
Liz Booysen Bookkeeping 1995 15
Owen Brailsford NHD (Elec.Eng) 1979 22
Clive Wilson Electrician 1995 15
Makeiso Thapeli ND Eng(Industrial) 2006 4
Bobby Berry BSc (Comp Sci, Math) 2010 15

Savings Opportunity

We at National Power would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity, to show how we are going to save you money

  • We are energy management consultants.
  • We are committed to our client's best interest.
  • Through many years of experience we have devised approved methods of saving our clients electrical energy and money.
  • We believe that we should only be paid what we deserve or on performance bases and that our clients should not be at risk.
  • We will train, assist and see you through this process.
  • There should be no financial risk to our clients.

We trust this is the start of a mutuality beneficial partnership!




ESCO Membership

National Power is an ESCO (Energy Service Company). A registered ESCO membership on the DSM database is an endorsement that verifies the ESCO is sufficiently technically competent and financially sustainable to enter into performance contracts and maintain projects over the long-term. These projects will be evaluated by DSM technical and financial experts and assessed to ensure that the solution is possible and sustainable.


  • Anglo Coal
  • Tiger Brands
  • Sun International
  • Kimberly Central Mines
  • Tongaat Hulett Starch
  • Venetia Mine
  • Anglo Platinum
  • Golfields Mines
  • Finsch Mine

Our Team

Dave Bekink holds a Btech diploma from the Vaal University of technology, is a Certified energy manager, sustaining member – South Africa of the association of energy engineers and is a board member of the South African Association of Energy efficiency. He is currently the managing Director of National Power.

Elizabeth Senatle

Dave Frew

Makeiso Thapeli

Clyde Lion-Cachet

Sean Burton Durham