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National Power is the soul distributor for SATEC power meters and eXpertPower software in Sub Saharan Africa.


SATEC products are internationally recognized for ingenuity, accuracy and easy operation. Listed below is our full range of electrical power metering and power quality measurement equipment.

All Powermeters are designed with flexibility in mind. You can begin with a small-scale system using stand-alone Powermeters and expand into a larger system as your needs grow. Our Powermeters integrate easily into all power management systems. More...


eXpertPower™ is a service that provides complete electric power information, from anywhere, anytime, through the Internet. eXpertPower™ provides the data needed in order to know about power problems as they occur or before they occur, and take pre-emptive rather than responsive action. By receiving on-line information in real-time, on a 2-way communication basis, utilities can optimize service and energy quality. All electricity consumers can monitor their electric power usage, control their expenses and identify power quality problems. eXpertPower™ provides full monitoring and analysis capabilities of power usage, cost, quality, faults and reliability of power from any source.

eXpertPower™ is based on ASP (Application Service Provider) technology and provided as a service, requiring no heavy up-front capital investment.

Inter-device data transmission can be conducted using Ethernet LAN, phone lines, Power Line Carrier, Radio Frequency or Cellular communication. An Integrated Processing and Communication Center processes the data through a multitude of applications and presents final reports on a Web site that are easily accessed through any standard browser.


Basic Measurements: Real time and Historical

Energy and TOU Power Quality
Faults Trends
Logs: Events, Waveforms Reports and Graphs


Standby Power Saver

The Standby Power Saver is an easy to use plug socket that turns off electrical devices to save energy that would otherwise be used on standby. This unique product automatically switches off power to all other devices when the TV or computer has been switched off or put on standby. The Standby Power Saver is designed to save standby energy to help save money and help reduce carbon emissions to the environment. The Standby Power Saver is the first universal product able to work for both TV sets and computers. The product complies with all types of devices - from small LCD TV sets and laptop computers to the large plasma or LCD screens and powerful micro computers. It works with all types of screen technology and computers (i.e. PC and MAC). Surge Protection: The Standby Power Saver has built-in surge protection to protect all electrical devices from power surges - and prevents damage to the TV and/or computer applications, while saving data and minimising the risk of fire to the appliances. More ...

Standby Power Saver

Geyser Blankets

geyser blanket

A Geyser blanket consists of an insulating material, assisted by an air gap and an outer reflective coating. The whole essence of fitting a geyser with a geyser blanket is to minimize thermal energy (heat) lost and thereby same energy. Eskom DSM has supported the installation of Geyser blankets for the past few years. Theoretical calculations show that a substantial saving can be achieved with the installation of geyser blankets.

A geyser blanket is made of 75mm thick thermal insulating material. The insulation material ensures that the geyser blanket substantially reduces thermal energy (heat) losses and thereby significantly save energy. Eskom DSM supports the insulation of geyser blankets and funded the installation of 200,000 geyser blankets in 2006, in the Western Cape. Eskom concluded that geyser blankets results in substantial energy savings. The CISR have carried out a large-scale fire test and the SABS have done Moisture Absorption and Fungal Attached tests on insulating material used for geyser blankets. All these tests comply with the requirements and the geyser blanket is recommended as an insulation for geysers b the domestic and industrial sectors. The geyser blanket was developed after five years of research. It consists of high quality virgin fibre with NO recycled products or irritant glass fibres. It is designed to fit with ease and all bonding materials are included in the kit. The pipe insulation is also included and contributes to additional savings. The geyser blanket is established as a market leader.

• 1 x Geyser blanket (1.2mx1.5mx75mm)
• 2 x Squares for end of geyser
• 3 x Pipe insulation Strips (1.2m x 120mm)
• 1 x 5m Roll of foil Tape
• 1 x 10m Roll of Clear Tape
• 1 x Bundle of Cable Ties
• 1 x Insulation Guide
• 2 x Strapping to secure blanket

More technical information about Geyser Blankets

Automatic Tube Cleaning System for Condensers and Heath Exchangers


More technical information about C.Q.M. - Automatic Tube Cleaning System



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Dave Bekink demonstrates the CEMCS system


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A web-based power management tool to access, monitor and analyse real-time and historical data anywhere and anytime.