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Our Services

Our target is to reduce your specific energy consumption.
In order to achieve this target, the Energy Strategy will establish:

Formal energy saving targets that are quantifiable and measurable.
A monitoring and measuring system.
Awareness of energy efficiency among all employees.
Energy competencies through-out the site.
Identify and implement all cost effective energy efficient projects through-out the value chain.
And ensure that energy efficiency are considered in business decisions.

National Power Contractors aims to address various aspects of energy efficiency and best practice to realize the energy targets. National Power Contractors will undertake to identify quick win and long term energy saving projects. These will be implemented based on budget and energy considerations. The approach entails a few implementing instruments.

Services Offered

Clear outline of services offered:

  • DSM load Shift
  • Energy efficient projects
  • Domestic load management
  • Industrial load management
  • Metering and Verification
  • Complex modelling– load shift
  • Project management and co-ordination (using up to date on line project management software)
  • Investment grade audits
  • On line Energy decision support


The following activities are currently being conducted:

Energy management:
Scope: National Power is involved in consulting, energy auditing and installation of energy management systems in the following markets:

  • Mining Industry
  • Supply Authorities
  • Heavy and Light Industrial
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Holiday resorts
  • Domestic Housing

Project Management

National Power handles all of its technical activities on a project basis. Each project, whether it is an internally funded development or a development contract, is managed within the same project management infrastructure. A project manager and project team is appointed for each project. The project manager works out a project schedule describing the phases of the project, milestones and deadlines, responsible people and payments involved. The amount of resources required for completing the tasks is determined, and tasks to be subcontracted are identified. Weekly project report meetings are held to control progress against planning.

National Power has documented quality procedures that should be followed for hardware and software development. Before the completion of any task inspections are held to verify the integrity of the work. Each design task is followed by a formal design review. Development tasks are followed by quality inspections to verify that specifications are satisfied.


National Power owns only some of the facilities that it currently uses for development work. The rest are used on a rental basis. The R&D facilities to which National Power has access include the following:

a PC local area network with various scientific and engineering software development packages for performing sophisticated analyses of engineering components and systems;

a Lonworks development system and communications analyzers for designing and configuring control networks which will operate on various communications media, including twisted pair, power lines, RF and optical fibre;

a simulation and experimental system for the modeling of electrical transmission lines used for communications purposes;

a Xilinx development system for designing and programming logic devices, from small gate arrays to large Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs);

an sophisticated Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool, which facilitates a systematic software development methodology under full configuration management;

a software package for the simulation of analog electronic circuits;

a software package for printed circuit board design and layout

Client Training

National Power firmly believes that the training of our clients is important firstly for people development and secondly for the correct operation of installed systems. A transfer of technology attitude is adopted, as we require our clients to be as competent as ourselves on the use, installation and repair of our Energy Management systems, which have been installed. This policy alleviates related backup and service problems due to inexperienced personnel.


Reduce operating costs

  • maximise equipment lifetime
  • no capital investment
  • no maintenance costs
  • reduce energy costs
  • reduce demand usage
  • detect failures
  • reduce labour costs

Maximise your competitive edge

  • improve reliability
  • save time
  • increase operational up-time
  • manage equipment and machinery
  • allocate human resources

Manage power system

  • supervise power usage
  • remote system visibility
  • access data any time

Adapt our service to your needs

  • customise measurable parameters
  • continually added features
  • open design architecture
  • fully compatible with third-party equipment


National Power's Energy Management System delivers all the tools for monitoring, analysing and managing entire power systems. Using our powerful tools, National Power can offer you the means to effectively manage your resources to save both time and money.